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An Airbnb Berlin Aspire experience

„Although the flat is mostly quite comfortable and appears as pictured, there was a major problem in that the heat in the entire building was broken, and we were not informed of this before our arrival. The hot water provided by the replacement tank lasted only a few minutes, thus we had to take cold showers in an unheated bathroom! Not fun! The electric heaters provided were adequate only because the weather was unusually mild – in a true Berlin December/January it would have been freezing in the apartment! … The kitchen was a bit under-equipped with no coffee pot, and no oven. The place is a bit over-designed for our taste but this wasn‘t really a problem, except that sometimes the unnecessary buckets of sticks get in your way. Note the flat is a walk-up on the 2nd floor (that’s 3rd floor for us Americans).“

Lies, lies, lies!

Berlin is growing. Wow! Growing at extremely fast pace. Growing much more rapidly than any urban planning has taken into consideration yet. But don‘t count on some academic eggheads when you have Berlin Real Estate to tell you!
Now roughly 3.5 million folks dwell in our city. In 2025 there will be more than 8 million. You didn‘t imagine? Us neither, but Berlin Real Estate knows better: „In 2025, the city’s population will exceed 8 million residents.“
Maybe, the number is a little bit inflated. Maybe, also some other figures in their presentation are a little bit inflated. They claim to manage 3,500 apartments in 120 houses, or 4,200 apartments in 170 houses. And they claim more than 10 years experience. Well, Berlin Aspire’s first activities were recorded in 2011. That’s not exactly 10 years, is it?
Oh, they include Adi Keizman’s first appearance in the city, and they include the old Postfuhramt as a flagship project. Since years ago dear Adi had to sell it due to insufficient means we would not really pride ourselves with this investment. No, rather not! One cannot say he made friends with this deal in the city. No, rather not!

Berlin Aspire and Berlin Real Estate Houses

Berlin Houses said to be owned or run by Berlin Aspire or Berlin Real Estate:


Almstadtstr. 24
Bautzener Platz 3
Blücherstr. 37
Donaustr. 10-11
Emser Str. 102 (Neukölln)
Fehmarner Str. 6
Fürbringer Str. 27
Grunewaldstr. 89
Guineastr. 35
Helmholtzstr. 24
Hermannstr. 232/Biebricher Str. 1+1a
Hobrechtstr. 40
Huttenstr. 71
Karl-Kunger-Str. 26
Mittenwalder Str. 47
Möckernstr. 67
Neuenburger Str. 17
Oldenburger Str. 28 (Moabit)
Reichenberger Str. 114
Sonnenburger Str. 55
Stephanstr. 52
Voigtstr. 42
Weisestr. 21
Wildenbruchstr. 6/Weserstr. 59

Investors beware! Investing in these properties can be troublesome!

Corrections and amendments are welcome.


So so, mal wieder eine neue Verwaltung namens Abakus. Jedenfalls mal wieder ein neuer Aushang. Immerhin stehen da jetzt wieder Telefonnummern für den Havariefall.
Google ergibt auf den ersten Blick nichts Schlimmes. Und auch keinen erkennbaren Zusammenhang mit Berlin Aspire, BEARM, Frank Emuth, SACkgesichtern.
Gerüchte im Haus sagen, dass Abakus gegen den Willen von Berlin Aspire bestellt worden ist. Das wäre mal ein gutes Zeichen. Kennt jemand Abakus?